In 2008, we were in  residence at five South

Wales Primary Schools, helping children at KS2 research and design an interactive DVD ROM all about the History of the Bristol Channel and particularly the work of the RNLI.


Find out more about this exciting project and see examples from the finished work by visiting the project web pages.

Launch the Lifeboat!
Working Together

The Service User Group over Advocacy Matters (Wales) raised the money themselves from Lloyds TSB  so they could make this 20 minute film about the work of the organisation. View some movie clips from  the film that they made on the  Advocacy Matters website or on their YouTube channel.

Find out more about this project and listen to some of the fascinating stories from Torfaen’s past.


In 2009, Greenmeadow Community Farm in Cwmbran commissioned HyperAction to undertake an oral reminiscence project to uncover the history of the Farm by interviewing local people.


We worked with Year 5 children at the local primary school to collect memories from local people and created this distinctive listening post, or Storybox, which we installed in the Farm’s Hay Barn Visitors’ Centre.

The Greenmeadow Storybox